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The 4 Principles for Healthy Soil: #1 Keeping the Soil Covered

Keeping the soil cover is the first step when following the four principles of conservation agriculture. Why is this important? First, the labor is much less intensive, and it helps to reduce gas emissions while protecting the topsoil from eroding away. It also promotes the protection of arable land and plant diversification. This article will Read More

How to grow Ruth Stout potatoes

We already discussed the main ideas of gardening using Ruth Stout’s method, a permaculture gardening technique that uses hay. Today I want to share more details and focus on how to grow potatoes using the Ruth Stout method. Potatoes are by far one of the easiest crops to grow using Ruth Stout’s method and that’s Read More

What vegetables can you grow in a Ruth Stout garden?

Although the Ruth Stout gardening method is over a century old, there are still a lot of questions out there regarding its performance and success. Most people doubt that food can grow from just hay, while others feel like they will be restricted, in terms of what crops they can grow. I’ve already gone over Read More