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Berry bush plant

Backyard Berry Bush: The Best Berries for Your Garden

Berries are an infinite source of vitamins, they’re delicious and can be used in a wide variety of recipes for jams, cakes, smoothies, you name it. They can also be quite pricey and growing your own will save you a pretty penny or can bring you some extra income. The type of berry bushes you Read More

Food forest ground floor

Building Hay Mulch Beds in our Food Forest | Part 2

In part one of this food forest experiment series, I talked about food forests, what they are and how to build one. Going forward I will mostly share only advice that I’ve put into practice in our own food forest. Like I tried to explain in the first part, the way you design your food Read More

food forest

Temperate Climate Food Forests | Part 1 – What is a food forest?

Ever since we moved on our homestead we wanted to have a food forest on our property. Food forests make great use of space and, by using permaculture principles they maximize the yield of your growing space while also creating a self-sustaining ecosystem. I’ve always believed that gardening should be more about working with nature Read More