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The 2nd Principle for Healthy Soil: Keeping the Soil Planted

In our previous article, we explained why it’s important to keep the soil covered and how to do it right.  We will now look at the second principle of conservation agriculture – keeping the soil planted. This is another crucial step for ensuring good soil microbiology which directly translates into healthier soil and more nutrients Read More

The 4 Principles for Healthy Soil: #1 Keeping the Soil Covered

Keeping the soil cover is the first step when following the four principles of conservation agriculture. Why is this important? First, the labor is much less intensive, and it helps to reduce gas emissions while protecting the topsoil from eroding away. It also promotes the protection of arable land and plant diversification. This article will Read More

planting seeds in fall

14 Vegetable Seeds You Can Still Plant in September

Today I want to share with you a list of 14 veggies that you can still plant in your garden in September. Just because summer is over it doesn’t mean you can’t plant anything in your garden. As your summer crops ripen and you finish harvesting them, you will start having a lot of empty Read More

How to grow Ruth Stout potatoes

We already discussed the main ideas of gardening using Ruth Stout’s method, a permaculture gardening technique that uses hay. Today I want to share more details and focus on how to grow potatoes using the Ruth Stout method. Potatoes are by far one of the easiest crops to grow using Ruth Stout’s method and that’s Read More

Berry bush plant

Backyard Berry Bush: The Best Berries for Your Garden

Berries are an infinite source of vitamins, they’re delicious and can be used in a wide variety of recipes for jams, cakes, smoothies, you name it. They can also be quite pricey and growing your own will save you a pretty penny or can bring you some extra income. The type of berry bushes you Read More

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12 Vegetable seeds you can plant in May

You might think planting your vegetable seeds in May might be too late for proper germination, but the warm temperatures in temperate climates, without the risk of overnight frost, make it the perfect time to plant many of the vegetables for your summer and fall garden. The main thing you have to know before starting Read More

14 Vegetable Seeds You Should Plant in March

Spring is just around the corner, and for those of us who live in a temperate climate, this is the perfect time to start thinking about what seeds to sow in March. To make it easier for beginner gardeners, I’ve put together a list of the types of vegetables and fruits that are best to Read More

Beet plants

How to grow better beets

Beets have always been one of our most successful crops and since we also love eating them, we usually grow quite a lot. We’ve always used the same method for growing them and we’ve had amazing results every season. At least in our garden, beets were so easy to grow, we were surprised when we Read More

Aphids on plant stem

Never Use Chemicals Again! Here Are 2 Tried and Tested Methods for Eco-friendly Aphid Control!

Aphids are one of the most common bug infestations that affect gardens around the world. Left unchecked they can deal a lot of damage to your plants. Luckily there are some really effective, accessible, and easy to use organic pest control for aphids, that will help you have healthy plants without causing harm to the Read More

My chicken is brooding! What should I do?

When you first start growing chickens, especially if you start with young chicks, you might not think about the fact that one day, inevitably, your chickens will start brooding. This is a normal part of any hen’s life and it shouldn’t scare you. Depending on what you plan to do next, either stop it from Read More

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